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About Laura

I am a Southern girl, born and raised, and I hope to bring a Southern grace and calm to any atmosphere as a result of my culture. As the oldest child in my family I was exposed to home birth, hospital birth, breastfeeding and infant care throughout my formative years. Early on I was fascinated with birth and interested in working with expectant moms and their new babies. After a decade working at both for-profit and non-profit organizations in NYC I was thrilled to make a transition to hands-on birth work by pursuing Labor Doula certification through DONA International and Childbirth Education certification through Lamaze.

As a recent first-time mother I have gotten to see things from "the other side" and believe more strongly than ever that families need to be heard throughout the birth process. I believe that your birth can be a very spiritual time, and an important transition in your life, but sometimes you need someone alongside you to help you believe that you can do it.

In addition, my years as a dancer have given me a profound appreciation and awareness of our bodies capabilities. With continued studies in massage and yoga I now help laboring mothers during birth using movement and touch.That combines with my fascination with anthropology which leads me to always ask, "Well, what have we been doing instinctively for the last few thousand years? It's probably not wrong!"

I am proud to be a Hoboken resident, along with my husband Nick and sweet son Asher, and we look forward to raising our family here. I truly believe that our town is special and I look forward to serving the families of our Hudson County community as well as the rest of New Jersey and NYC.

Special thanks to Emily Lewin Photography

Special thanks to Emily Lewin Photography

"I have leaned on you since birth; from my mother's womb you have cared for me. I praise you continually."
-Psalm 71:6