Why have a Doula?

Each birth is an amazing journey and it is important to feel supported and heard throughout the process, however you choose to birth. You should be surrounded by a birth team who you trust completely and who you believe trusts your instincts as well. During your birth, a lot will be happening, but you can be confident knowing that your doula is there, solely for you. For all of these reasons, studies have shown that women who have a doula are more likely to find their labor pains manageable (and less likely to request pain medication). They typically have shorter labors with fewer complications, and they are more likely to report satisfaction with their birth experience.

What does a Doula do?

Throughout history, women have given birth with the support of their sisters, mothers and friends. The word "doula" comes from Ancient Greek meaning "woman who serves". Women today still deserve this kind of support. A child's birth is a defining moment as women become mothers and families are forever changed. There are so many ways to begin your parenting journey and you deserve to be fully informed of your choices. My biggest goal is to make sure your questions are answered with trustworthy, evidence-based sources and that your decisions are respected. Each phase of your birth will have its unique challenges, both mentally and physically, but whether it's suggesting a new position, rubbing sore muscles, whispering words of encouragement, I will be equipped with tricks and tools to help you get through each phase confidently. If you would like, I can even snap a few candid pictures of those first priceless moments.

What doesn't a Doula do?

I do not provide any medical care, but I am there for physical and emotional support. I do not speak on your behalf, but I will stand alongside you so you feel empowered to advocate for yourself. I am not a substitute for Childbirth Education Classes, but I can refer you to prenatal classes in our area. I do not replace your husband in his role at your birth, but I can offer suggestions and encouragement to help the dad feel confident in his participation.

My Rates

My comprehensive birth package for Hoboken and most Hudson County families includes:

  • two prenatal visits in your home (not including the initial interview)
  • in-home and/or hospital support from the time your labor begins, through the birth
  • continuing support at least one hour postpartum to help with initiating bonding and breastfeeding
  • one postpartum visit in your home
  • throughout your pregnancy I am available as a resource via email, text, or phone call.

This complete package is $1200. Please contact me for rates and services offered to other parts of New Jersey and NYC.

"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot;
together we can do great things."

-Mother Teresa